My Brandy and Me Intro.

Hey. My name is Amanda and my cat is Brandy. She is a 6 year old spotted tabby and she will have her left hind leg and hip amputated on Tuesday.

She got a dime sized lump removed in March. And it turned out to be a cancerous lump. Well, they couldn’t completely get it all out. And the lump has since returned. And it is almost golf ball size now. It’s better to get the leg amputated so the cancer doesn’t metastasis. (We just had an xray yesterday and her lungs are clear.)

She got the cancer because she received a vaccine.

The company of the vaccine has agreed to pay for entire surgery, the xray, the bloodwork, and reimburse us for her previous surgery.

I’m not sure what to expect.

I have heard cats are great at bouncing back after an amputation. And the back leg amputation is easier on a cat then their front leg.

But I know I will get to have her longer than originally expected! ♡ 🙂